Whether you’re an avid hiker, looking to stay skilled and in shape, or are an expert on firsthand survival wisdom, London Search and Rescue relies on a variety of skills at all times and welcomes your involvement.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteering at London Search and Rescue fulfills a variety of interests and areas of specialization—be they related to on-the-ground searching, managing the logistics of a search and rescue operation, educating the public, organizing fundraising events or working behind the scenes to assist with the administration of the organization. We need volunteers who have skills in Orienteering, digital mapping, GPS usage, management, tracking, mechanical know-how, first aid, radio communications, event planning, fundraising, networking, accounting, IT, grant writing—the list of goes on. Volunteer expertise at LSARis numerous and varied, and all roles are vital to supporting the LSAR team.

The LSAR Volunteer

It is incredibly rewarding to assist someone in times of need. London Search and Rescue volunteers rally in these times with skill, strategy and precision to execute search and rescue operations 24/7, 365 days a year. We are one of the most active search and rescue teams in Ontario.

Most search and rescue operations focus on locating and rescuing lost people, and these incidents are rarely convenient or known to the public. Searches often occur at night, off trail in rough terrain, and in challenging weather conditions. LSAR team members are willing and able to respond in these conditions, and understand that responding to a search is a priority. While we have fun as a team, we are not a club or an avenue for training. London Search & Rescue is an emergency response organization that requires a substantial and consistent commitment throughout the year.

Join the Team

London Search and Rescue is always looking for good people. Twice a year, we host a Volunteer Information Session for anyone interested in joining the team. These sessions are the best times to meet team members, and learn about the application process. We look forward to meeting you!

Volunteer Information Sessions: Next Expected Recruiting Session – Early 2024

Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates regarding our next recruiting session. To be notified when registration for this session opens up. Please enter your contact information here.

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"It is fun and it gives back to the community - and I like learning a wide variety of skills."

- Searcher: Brian G

"I really enjoy working with other volunteers who have a similar sense of contributing to their community. I remain interested due to the the various opportunities and challenges that are unique to volunteering with a SAR team."

- Searcher: Bobby D

"SAR volunteers are amazing people, willing to give their time, effort and energy to be trained and ready at a moment’s notice to save lives. It’s such a wonderful way to give back to the community, and I’m grateful I have the opportunity to do so! Plus my teammates have become my second family, and that in itself is priceless."

- Instructor and Liaison Officer: Janelle C

"I moved to London in 2001 and fell in love with the city. I wanted to find a way to give back and make my community stronger. I love teaching, the outdoors and helping people so LSAR seemed like the obvious fit. Knowing that each time we train we are helping to build a resource for the city, county and beyond is what drives me."

- Instructor and Former Chief: Jamie W

"I joined LSAR to be a part of a group of likeminded individuals working, training and sharing knowledge. Our strong sense of comroderie enables us to handle difficult situations that others are not able and has been very intrinsically rewarding."

- Team Leader: Chrissy M

"LSAR was a good fit for me in a couple of ways. Being able to volunteer is a great honour and when the organization incorporates so many of my own interests, it was a simple decision to join. My favourite technique of Searching is Visual Tracking. I meet with other Team Mates weekly so we can hone our searching skills by giving us the ability to be more Track Aware to locate missing individuals."

- Instructor: Patrick M

"I was raised to give back to your community and I have volunteered in a variety of capacities since I was a teenager. I enjoy volunteering because it is rewarding to know you are an asset to the community, it feels good to help others and it motivates me to stay active, healthy and remain open to learning and expanding my perspectives. "

- Searcher: Laurie C.

"What I like about volunteering is the satisfaction knowing I do what I can to help someone. Staying interested in sar have been easy. I enjoy helping those that can't help themselves."

- Instructor: Rob H

"My favorite thing about LSAR is the strong culture of altruism amongst the team. It never ceases to amaze me how many people - with fulltime careers, family, and other obligations - consistently dedicate their time and efforts to make London and the surrounding area a safer place. The sense of community on the team is also nothing short of amazing. Since day 1 I felt welcomed with open arms. It is an incredibly inclusive team that gives new members opportunities for development and progression"

- Searcher: Jeff R

"There are many things that I enjoy about being a member of LSAR. First and foremost are the people. The members of LSAR are second to none when it comes to selflessness, dedication and commitment to our communities. We give up sleep, and family time, help bring a missing person back to their family. You can expect to see 15 to 20 members at a 3am search in all types of weather, ready to go, and happy to be there to help out.
The second thing that I enjoy about LSAR is the training. Our training officers over the years have always brought top notch training to the team. Night nav and visual tracking are just a couple to the training sessions that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Even the dreaded note taking night is always enlightening"

- Logistics Chief, Bart S

"I used to work in provincial parks in Northern Ontario and I saw the great work that SAR teams did up there. I kept this in mind when I moved to London and found LSAR. It seemed like a great way to serve the community, learn new skills, and meet like minded people. The thing I enjoy most about LSAR is my fellow team members. Searchers each have their own reasons for joining the team, but at the end of the day we are all dedicated volunteers who care about our community and the people in it."

- Recruiting Officer, Krys J